Cradle of Sins

Overview:   Cradle of Sins is a first-person MOBA game developed exclusively for AR & VR. The game features all the best AR/VR and MOBA elements, such as natural locomotion, interactive world, Jungles, two lanes and 10 playable characters with … Continue reading

OMZ! Oh My, Zombies!

Overview:   Oh My Zombie, OMZ! was born from friendships and collective creativity. OMZ! Oh My Zombies, It is a card game we designed this card game for one of our client set of 4 friends. Our task was to … Continue reading

Welcome to Dragon Genetics!

Objective:   The task is to create various illustrations of dragons, In total we have to design 17 dragons, all dragons have different features. Overview: Welcome to Dragon Genetics! In this activity you will learn the science of heredity and … Continue reading

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