The task is to create various illustrations of dragons, In total we have to design 17 dragons, all dragons have different features.


Welcome to Dragon Genetics!

In this activity you will learn the science of heredity and genetics through the breeding of fictional organisms РDRAGONS! We have to create 17 dragons, each dragon will have different features, like wings, feathers, number of toes, treasure lust,  color of dragon eggs, their neck length etc.


Illustrating  17 dragons with male and females according to the description provided by the client was a challenge as many times we get confused between Dragon Body type, Short, medium or long, we have to keep in mind the number of toes.
We have provided many revisions with unlimited revisions.


We have done many sketches for different dragons and made changes according to the client’s need.


We have successfully completed project, 6weeks here is project link:


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