Oh My Zombie, OMZ! was born from friendships and collective creativity.

OMZ! Oh My Zombies, It is a card game we designed this card game for one of our client set of 4 friends.

Our task was to design Zombie card game It as 46+27 cards with sub division ACTION, CHECKPOINTS, ZOMBIES, CHARMS. We got a list, a written description about each card, and did illustration accordingly.


We have moved according to the provided description, and main part was to design Zombies as we have to make them cute and funny. We always updated client with sketch and after approval we move with coloring. Once All Graphic part was done we have made a final card layout, designed a Box artwork.


Challenges which we faced is to design a character art style, we have provided many different sketches.

These are the art styles, which get finalized for ACTION CARD, Now we have to decide art style for the remaining Cards, Zombie, Checkpoint and Charms Card,

here is the remainingĀ process:


Different attemptsĀ for Situation Cards.

Here Finally comes Checkpoint Cards.


We have successfully completed card games with complete card graphics, Card layout. It took 6weeks 7 days to complete this card game.

Here is a link for OMZ! Oh My Zombies

Card game: https://mailchi.mp/omzgame.com/omz?fbclid=IwAR3HXntOyPk71FgZX3Q1KtCjXScHDd43_sQF6DYbi4WEZVt6QLjMDsnubH8







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